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Start Your Free Mezzanine Quote Now


CICS is proud to be a provider of good quality, long lasting partitions that are simple and cost effective. Using our extensive knowledge, we aim to find the right solution for your needs. Partitioning is ideal for properties such as offices, schools, banks, and other similar ventures. Partitioning is often used to create boardrooms and meeting rooms out of a larger empty space.

The appearance of your office is very important when attracting new clients and we want to help your office to fulfil its potential as a workspace and bring in new business. We provide a simple and hassle-free service that allows you to get the most out of the experience. Customer satisfaction is important to us, so we try to make everything as easy and professional as we can.

Ideal as an easy and cost-effective way to change the way your office looks, without the hassle of building work. Partitioning blends seamlessly into your layout, giving your workspace a professional and modern look. Our services are designed to suit all budgets and property types and we’re always going to try and make it work for you. We have the knowledge and experience to help you to achieve the outcome that you hoped for.

Customer Service


We’re available to give you estimates and advice, whether you’re looking for partitioning for a big office block or a small commercial business. You can even request one of our surveyors to come and help calculate costs and to measure how much space you have.

We can assess your needs and help you decide which partition solution is best suited to your space and requirements. We’ll take your budget into consideration to try and get the best deal we can for your money.



CICS partitions are highly versatile and easily constructed, which means we’ll be able to install them in your space without difficulty. They’re also strong, durable and built to last, so you will easily be able to maintain them.

They’re so easy to install in fact, that you won’t even need any business downtime. We’re extremely well organised, so we will always strive to get your work done as efficiently as we can. We only provide good quality craftsmanship to ensure that your partitions are fitted precisely.

Professional Work

Our expert team have years of experience working with clients. We understand that we’re coming into your space, so we’ll always be as respectful as we can. We treat every job as carefully and professionally as we can.

We try not to make a mess but sometimes it’s unavoidable. If we do, we’ll always clean up after ourselves and put our tools away at the end of the day. The process needs to be as easy and stress-free and we think great customer service helps to achieve that.

Extensive Range


There are many options of colour, texture and material for your partitions, ensuring that there will always be a match for your office scheme. You’ll be able to create flexible and stylish work areas that blend seamlessly into your pre-existing space.

We provide a range of different types of partitioning, such as foldable partitions, room dividers and sliding walls. All provide various levels of privacy. You also have a variety of door options, giving you more opportunity for customisation.

Good Quality

Our partitioning is always made of strong fire-resistant material because we put your safety first. The material can vary depending on what you want to achieve, but it can be anything from aluminium to high-quality steel.

Because they’re available in a range of thicknesses, you can regulate how much sound can get through, giving you complete control of your privacy. They’re also the most cost-effective way to create new rooms in your office space.

Partitioning Prices

Get a free and competitive partitioning quote by getting in touch with us via our online contact form. You can also get in touch with us by giving us a call on 01202 375213.